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Welcome fellow romance addicts!

Hello fellow romance book junkies! Let me start by introducing myself: I have an addiction to romance books with HEA's. That is really how I wanted to introduce myself last year on a job interview but I really wanted the job so I hid my obsession. Haha! Really though it's an issue and I'm ok with it and so is my awesome husband so that's all that matters. Let me say that I have been tossing around the idea of starting a book blog for quite a while. It's a scary thought...revealing your opinions on work someone has slaved over. I'm not getting into this to make money, this is about me wanting to share the books I've read and my opinions on them whether they be good or bad. So I want to say thank you to anymore who joins me on this journey. I hope to meet new friends and have my eyes opened to an awesome authors I have yet to come across after reading and spending money on a ridiculous amount of books. Hang with me while I get the hang of this and I