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First Sin

Title: The First Sin Series: Sins of the Past #1 Author: Jillian Quinn Genre: Dark Mafia Romance Release Date:  April 30, 2018 Once upon a time, I fell in love with a blue-eyed boy who promised me forever We fell hard and fast, even though our relationship was forbidden. Loving Angelo Morelli wasn’t my first sin. It wouldn’t be my last. Our families were friends before they were enemies, fighting for power in the city. I was their bargaining chip, a pawn to be used by the most powerful men in Philadelphia. I just didn’t know it. Angelo was my white knight in a world full of darkness. But someone had to pay for the sins of the past. Too bad that person was me. a Rafflecopter giveaway “I liked the flow of this book, it moved fast but the pieces we were given were all important to the overall story.” - Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty “Okay, this book totally is something else! You’d neve
Title: Fools Rush In Series: A Cartwright Brother Romance Author: Lilliana Anderson Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date:  April 30, 2018 I was a good girl. But I wanted him, knowing he was a thief. Did that make me bad? Before Sam, I was the most boring, awkward and level-headed person you’d ever met. I was my best friend's side-kick, the supporting actress to another person's life.  And I was OK like that.  I was lonely.  But I was OK.  Then he came along. Our eyes locked and BANG my heart started beating. As my blood warmed and pumped around my body, everything changed. Before that moment, I had been as dead inside as my mortuary ‘clients’.  Now I was alive, experiencing things for the first time, enamoured with a man I knew to be a criminal.  Instead of running and remaining the good Christian girl I was, I married him.  Now, I had to live with the consequences of that decision.