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Title: Perfect Author: Fen Wilde Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date:  August 31, 2018 Ada Cosgrove. As uptight as she is alluring. The editor of the sexiest magazine on the racks, she works hard, follows the rules, and wins at everything she turns her hand to. Ben Farris. As laid back as he is loyal. Archrivals in the world of media scoops and scuffles, it’s a different story when they’re alone in Ada’s office—where opposites attract. Their chemistry is off the charts—and always has been. They’re perfect for each other. But Ben is the one person Ada can’t afford to fall for. He’s irreverent and magnetic and completely out-of-bounds. The type of out-of-bounds that would see her family disown her. Then the one mistake in Ada’s perfect past catches up with her. And she’s about to learn that there’s no such thing as perfect… PERFECT is a dark and sizzling romance with twists and turns that wil

Taxed by Love

Title: Taxed by Love Series: St. Fleur Novel Author: AJ Renee Genre: Contemporary Romance SubGenre: Brother's Best Friend/2nd Chance Release Date:  August 29, 2018 Love was in the air and Gabrielle wasn’t interested. Even if she was willing to risk her heart again, which she wasn’t, any man would have to get past her overbearing brother first. Andrew was unashamed of his love of women... until he found himself yearning for what his friends had found—love and family. When a gorgeous woman caught his eye at a buddy’s wedding reception, he blindly followed, unable to resist her allure. Their encounter was meant to be no-strings fun, but months later, Gabrielle couldn’t get him out of her mind. Andrew regretted never getting her name or number, leaving them both with only memories and unanswered desires. An unexpected reunion brought the couple to St. Fleur, where trouble had been stirring for their frien

Blue Bayou

Title: Blue Bayou Author: Jiffy Kate Genre: Contemporary Romance (mature) Release Date:  August 30, 2018 The road to self-discovery leads Maverick Kensington deep into the heart of New Orleans. The colorful characters, beautiful scenery and a hot mess of a woman he finds along the way offer him the perfect place to reinvent himself.  The French Quarter and Blue Bayou are exactly the change of pace he’s looking for, helping him escape the soul-sucking work he does for his father’s company.  Carys Matthews is young and inexperienced. Having her family’s hotel dropped in her lap after her mother’s untimely death, she’s struggling to keep her head above water and keep the hotel’s doors open. She doesn’t have time for relationships, but Maverick Kensington is worth an exception. Besides, his stay is temporary and a fling never hurt anyone, right?  His passion and business know-how is exactly what she needs.