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Learning Curve Cover Reveal

Title: Learning Curve Author: Andi Jaxon Genre: M/M Romance Release Date:  April 18, 2019 Cover Design: Just Write. Creations Alister Bennet Loyal, reliable... predictable even, I’ve always done what's expected of me. Stay out of trouble, get my teaching degree and build a respectable career as a college professor. The job comes with a long list of rules and at the top of that list is no fraternizing with students. Following the rules seemed easy enough, until a dark, tortured boy sat outside my office waiting for me. His voice told me it was his grade he was worried about, but the deep onyx pools of his eyes told me more as they shook the solid ground I’d always stood on.  Am I willing to risk my career, my carefully built reputation, to help one so filled with pain I can taste it? Benjamin Wallace Rejected, abused, and abandoned my entire life, all I’ve ever wanted was to be accepted, loved even. I thought going to college on a

Always and Forever Cover

Title: Always and Forever Series: Battle Born MC Book 4 Author: Scarlett Black Genre: MC Romance Release Date:  May 2, 2019 Timing is everything. Can I have the kind of love that would last for always and forever? Now that I am ready, I don’t know who the right man for me is. I crave a love that soars high, beyond this earth. A love that will steal my heart and innocence. The craving to be claimed and taken as one man’s woman is my dream. Both of them wanting me at the same time feels like a ticking time bomb that’s waiting to go off. A bomb that can destroy one, or all of us. Passion that will unlock secrets and set us down to the path for our future. Timing is everything for love to last always and forever.   Scarlett Black lives in a small town in Northern Nevada. She has three kids a husband and a couple of dogs. She loves to watch baseball, especially wh


Presents : Blog Tour Scozzari by Jaimie Roberts AMAZON | GOODREADS Series: Deviant; Book 3 Genre: NA Romance w/ Suspense Jeremy (Jez) Scozzari At the age of four, I was kidnapped by an enemy of my father, and as a result of that day, I have learned to fight. Since the age of eighteen, I've been known as Jez (One Punch) Scozzari because the full force of my fist is enough to take down my opponent with just one hit. With the help of my dad, I turned into a tatted up machine -- built for speed, built for stamina ... in all senses of the word. I was prepared to fight, prepared for practically anything. But nothing had prepared me for the girl who had once stolen my heart to come catapulting back into my life again. One look from her when she turned up that day at college, and I was back to when I was ten-years-old. She was my first crush ... my first kiss. And now that she's back, there's no way I'm going to let her escape thi