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Forever and Always

Title: Always and Forever
Series: Battle Born MC Book 4
Author: Scarlett Black
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 2, 2019
“Oh, the feels! The emotional rollercoaster. That letter! I was a blubbering mess at the end.” - Goodreads Review “Awesome writing with an explosive storyline. Don’t miss this fabulous read.” - Julie Minton “Wow, what an emotional draining book.” - Goodreads Review
Timing is everything.
Can I have the kind of love that would last for always and forever?
Now that I am ready, I don’t know who the right man for me is.
I crave a love that soars high, beyond this earth.
A love that will steal my heart and innocence.
The craving to be claimed and taken as one man’s woman is my dream.
Both of them wanting me at the same time feels like a ticking time bomb that’s waiting to go off. A bomb that can destroy one, or all of us. Passion that will unlock secrets and set us down to the path for our future.
Timing is everything for love to last always and forever.
I lean further into her, “I’m taking you,” my dark promises of worship for her whisper into the night, “You belong to me, Tami, all of you was always meant to be mine forever.”
“My dream is to live a life like I have read in my books. To see and do the things I’ve read about.”
She pulls me tighter toward her and moans into the night sky under the stars
This woman will not get away from me. She is mine. 
She would be the angel in my dreams, in the fog of my lust, passing through time, but time would stand still for us.
She wants needs romance and passionate sex, she wants it all.
If this was never meant to be, then I never want to find out what right is, because this is perfect.
“You are my home, too, Tami. I have fallen in love with you. I will take care of you, for always and forever.” He sears his promise with a kiss to my lips. “We will have it all. Babies and a house, and maybe one day you will write stories about love.”
My hands not only hold onto to him, but also onto his promise of a future
I let the what if’s go and, in the dark, I whisper words of my devotion to this man. Fuck the what if’s.
The connection between us is so powerful and strong, better than any high I’ve ever experienced. Tami’s heart laced with lust.
If there is a battle to be won, it’s time I loaded up the guns.
“I know, angel.” The wind whisks away the raspy words never to be heard by her.
I will always remember the hard road to finding strength to be what I needed to be.
I would say that this was a moment in time where I became stronger for what was ahead of me, and what was yet to come.
Battle Born.
We can be alone until we find our own way, then we are truly home.
My lips seal my fate in a hungry kiss of my devotion to him. He kisses me back with as much hunger and lust that’s laced with love. Under the stars, we align our faith and fate.
I didn’t know the true meaning of love until Solo gave me wings to fly. I can do anything with him by my side. He gives me the freedom that I can only find in his arms.
Our love gave us wings, and now we know what it’s like to fly.
Life is a game of choices. Play wisely.
Scarlett Black lives in a small town in Northern Nevada. She has three kids a husband and a couple of dogs. She loves to watch baseball, especially when her kids or husband play. One day she had random thoughts floating around in her brain, opened her laptop and started writing without really knowing of where the journey would take her. Here she is now, a first-time erotic MC genre author, that works full time. She enjoys her busy life, the outdoors and shopping as much as possible!


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