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Tempting Teacher

Title: Tempting Teacher
Author: Alana Jade
Genre: Sweet Professor/Student Romance
Release Date: March 5, 2021


One glance across the classroom.
That’s all it took.
My heart exploded. But I knew it was wrong.
I’m a college student, trying to be the best I can. And he is the handsome teacher who should know better, right?

A juvenile dare from my best friend, involving my teacher, changes the course of my life.
And the subtle glances across the room turn to something much more.
Our chemistry is palpable, even though we try to hide it.

I’m tempting him with everything I have.
Tyler Roberts isn’t just my teacher, he’s the man who has all my attention, and my feelings can’t be ignored.

This game we’re playing is dangerous. But I know he feels this pull too. One kiss, and everything changes. We both know it’s wrong. There’s so much at stake…

But how can something that feels so incredibly right be so damn wrong?
We just have to see if we can make this work
Without being caught…

Author’s Note: This book was previously published as Always, Sir. It’s been extensively re-written, extended and the characters have been aged for college years. The characters in this book are the same as Always, Sir. However, the characters have been aged slightly, the story has been modified and extended.


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“I think I’d like to dance with you, too, but only tonight. We go back to our professional relationship first thing tomorrow morning. It’s for the best.” Her words are tinged with sadness, and I feel it too. I don’t want this to end.
As I pull her close, I grasp her hand against my chest as I whisper in her ear, “I’d like to see where this goes, I really would. But as much as I don’t want to, I know you’re right. Professional from tomorrow.” Leaning back slightly, I search her eyes before leaning toward her mouth, brushing my lips against hers.
I’m convinced she can feel the thud of my heart against my ribcage as I pull back again. A small smile appears on her lips as I lean in again to place my lips on hers, this time, gently massaging hers with my own.
Grace rests her head again on my chest, and we continue to dance, even though the slower music has been replaced by something more upbeat.
I’ll dance with her as long as she’ll let me. I want to enjoy every minute with her, especially since I know that I’ll never be able to get this close to her again.
It’s for the best Tyler.


Alana Jade is a sweet romance author from Sydney, Australia. 
She’s a wife, mother to 6 children and fur-mum to one spoilt pug called Harper. 
Alana’s loved writing sweet love stories for many years and always tries to give her characters the happy ever after they deserve. 
When she’s not madly tapping on her computer or plotting a new story in her journal, you’ll find her curled up on the couch with Harper watching Friends, or reading a good book on her kindle.



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