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Until Selma

Title: Until Selma A Happily Ever Alpha World  Novel Author: Harley Stone Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 30, 2021 BLURB Fresh out of the Army, Tavonte Jones is home on a mission to rescue his teen sister from a narcissistic creep. Running into his high school crush was the last thing on his mind, but now that he’s seen her, he’s determined to make Selma his. Resigned to live vicariously through romance novels, Selma Black has all but given up on finding her own happily ever after when an old classmate returns, looking like a fantasy come to life and offering everything she's ever wanted. As circumstances get complicated and dangerous, Tavonte must keep his family safe and convince the girl he’s always wanted that their real-life romance will have the perfect storybook ending. A Dead Presidents MC crossover. Until Selma is part of Aurora Rose Reynolds' Happily Ever Alpha World. If you loved Until December, then

Bride of the Emperor

Title: Bride of the Emperor Series: The Prophecy of Sisters Author: Hayley Faiman Genre: Fantasy Romance Release Date: April 26, 2021 Drucilla Collins knows something is very wrong. All three of her sisters are missing. As the baby of the family, her sisters are always there for her—except now. Where could they be? Three sisters who live across the country from one another don’t just disappear into thin air—do they? She doesn’t think that they could until it happens. They’re gone. Landing on a strange beach, a warrior appears on a horse in what appears to be some foreign countryside. He is enormous, his body is gorgeous, but his face is hidden behind a metal helmet. When he scoops her up from the ground, she is sure that all of this means that she will be seeing her sisters soon. They must be wherever this strange beast of a man is taking her. Tiberius Quirinus is the newly crowned Emperor of Savona. Trained to be a warrior, he never wanted to take over t

Cover Reveal from Jessica Ames

Title: Titch Series: Untamed Sons MC #5 Author: Jessica Ames Genre: MC Romance Release Date: May 24, 2021 BLURB Titch As Road Captain of the Untamed Sons MC, I've had my share of pain, but nothing could prepare me for seeing my ex-wife move on with another man. It makes my demons want to come out to play, makes me want to destroy everything in my path. I love Rachel. I'll always love her, but she's no longer mine. Getting her back is my only focus and to do that, I'm willing to cross lines I shouldn't. Rachel I never expected my feelings for Titch to remain as strong as they were when I first married him. Getting a divorce was my first mistake. My second was trusting my new husband. He has secrets that put me and my sons in danger. I shouldn't be thinking about my ex, not with a new man on the scene, but every thought I have is about Titch. He's the light in the darkness and he makes my heart beat faster than it has in years. When I discover m