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Polar Curve

Title: Polar Curve Series: Barvale Clan Tales #4 Author: C.D. Gorri Genre: Paranormal Romance/Shifter Release Date: June 29, 2021 BL URB She’s the mother of his son, but can he win her love? Eva Jareck was forced to leave her old Clan to protect her son. Barvale, New Jersey is a long way from Alaska, but she has nowhere else to go. Besides, it was time she introduced her sweet cub to his father. But will she able to forgive the man who broke her heart? Bolder Nanouk left everything he knew behind in support of his brothers and cousin. He’s made a new home in Barvale, but his Polar Bear can’t forget the past. He left his heart in Alaska with no idea how to get it back. When Eva shows up out of the blue with a cub in tow, Bolder doesn’t know what to do. This is one curve ball the Polar Bear was not expecting. Can he be a mate and father? When a single Bear comes sniffing around the family he has yet to claim, Bolder has a decision to make. Let them go, or man up. But can he win her heart

Savage Beast MC Series

Series: Savage Beast MC Series Author: Hayley Faiman Genre: MC Romance UnScrew Me UnBreak Me UnChain Me UnLeash Me UnTouch Me UnHinge Me UnWreck Me UnCage Me UnScrew Me Goodreads Review - “Lordy lordy lordy and Holy Hell is what I said when I was reading this book.” UnBreak Me Review from Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty - “Hayley Faiman's latest installment of the Savage Beast MC is UnBreak Me and it is phenomenal!” UnChain Me Review from The Power of Three Readers - "Man, Hayley Faiman truly brought me to my knees with UnChain Me, and I'm still reeling!" UnLeash Me Goodreads Review - "Hayley Faiman never fails to bring the dark gritty drama and the smoking hot sext times with her characters!" UnTouch Me Goodreads Review - "OMG Hayley really knows her stuff. I love MC Romance and she never disappoints." UnHinge Me Goodreads Review - "WOW another five star read by one of my all time favorite authors" UnWreck Me Goodreads Review