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Tin Queen

Tin Queen by Devney Perry is now live! No promises. No expectations. No names. That's what Emmett Stone agreed to with the woman who caught his eye two months ago. After years of drama following the end of the Tin Gypsy Motorcycle Club, a no-strings fling with a mystery woman is exactly what he needs. Except as they find themselves together more and more, it's impossible for him to keep his feelings at bay. She's clever and sassy. She's gracious and kind. She loves riding on the back of his bike every Saturday afternoon and lazing in his bed every Sunday morning. She's the perfect woman. Except she's Nova Talbot, the daughter of his archenemy--the man who murdered his father. Her identity will cost her the man who's captured her heart unless she can convince Emmett her feelings are true. Before he learns the reason she proposed their fling in the first place. Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Audible, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble!

Tears of Betrayal

    TEARS OF BETRAYAL by Michelle Heard Release Date: August 30th Genre/Trope: Mafia Romance   Add to Goodreads:     AVAILABLE NOW!!!   Blurb: My father is the head of the Bratva, but being born out of wedlock, I’ve never been a part of that world. Until a hit is taken out on me. I’m kidnapped in the dead of night and waking up, it’s to come face to face with Demitri Vetrov. Dangerous and heartless, Demitri is the most feared man in the world. I’ve heard whispers of what he’s capable of. I’m thrown into a nightmare where I don’t know who I can trust, and fear for my life is my only constant companion. I’m forced to be at Demitri’s mercy, I’m just not sure he has any. It also doesn’t help that he’s disarmingly attractive. Tall, dark, and deadly. Knowing this, he uses it against me like a weapon, breaking down my walls faster tha

Cover Reveal Until Brew

Title: Until Brew A Happily Ever Alpha World  Novel Author: CC Monroe Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: RBA Designs & Jersey Girl Design Release Date: September 3, 2021 BLURB Once I caught her, she was mine, and I always protect what’s mine. JJ Marie I always had a plan. A six-month job in Tennessee was the last step to my goal of opening my own interior design firm. Hanging out with my college best friend was just an added perk. Love was never a part of my plan—then Brew Axton picked me up from the airport. Brew was fire, and I was ice, and the mix made for a delicious sizzle. I wasn’t ready to belong to anyone—that was… until Brew. Brew Axton I was not looking for the "happily ever after." I lived my life on my terms. My job and my club were all I needed. Who knew doing a favor for my best friend would change the direction of everything? I wanted JJ Marie more than my next breath. She made the hot-blooded male in

Age of Ava

Title: Age of Ava Series: Vested Interest: ABC Corp Author: Melanie Moreland Genre: Contemporary Romance, Family Saga Release Date: August 26, 2021 Cover Design: Karen Hulseman of Feed Your Dreams Designs Bookeverlasting Blog - “Age of Ava by Melanie Moreland is an EPIC read that will join the ranks of the BIBLIO-ARISTOCRACY!!!” Goodreads Review - “This was an entertaining, emotional read, from the first chapter to the last I was drawn into the story that Ms. Moreland wove and had a hard time putting it down when real life got in the way.” Goodreads Review - “I loved everything about Age of Ava, I was intrigued by the blurb and I fell hook, line and sinker for Ava and Hunter.” Carol’s Review - “The chemistry between Ava and Hunter was electric.” Ava Callaghan A woman working in a male-dominated field. Organized, strong, and tenacious. That’s how she has to be to succeed. Hunter Owens A loner. He needs no one, has no ties, and his future is an unanswered