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Title: Stag Series: Fury Vipers MC #1 Author: Brooke Summers Genre: MC Romance Release Date: February 24, 2022 BLURB She’s a princess locked away without any hope. He’s her dark knight in leather. Stag has been in and out of juvie for years, but now he’s determined to keep his nose clean… or as clean as the Road Captain for the Fury Vipers MC can be. He's found a brotherhood, one that he'll protect until his dying breath. Then he sees her and his plans go up in smoke. She’s the club princess and completely off limits. An accident destroyed everything. Kinsley's life is now her own personal hell. Having to pay for the mistake that she made, Kinsley's now bound to a man that makes her skin crawl. She has no other options and eventually she learns that life isn’t a fairytale. Then she meets Stag and he has her dreaming of a life that's without pain. But Kinsley knows that for her, there's no escaping the crumbling castle that she’s been locked away in


Title: Country Series: Diamond MC #1 Author: Lila Rose Genre: MC Romance Release Date: February 15, 2022 BLURB I had her and loved the taste of her. But she’s too young, too sweet and good. But I’ll keep her safe, and I want her happy. Even if my own heart tells me I’m a fool for not making her mine. Our one night is electric. She left her mark and burned her goodness into my heart. There’s no room left for anyone else, only her. I can’t chase her. I have to let her go. Sure, she’s a club girl and I could have her under me whenever I want, but I can’t do that to her. I refuse to pull her any deeper into the Diamond MC. When that decision is taken out of my hands and she’s dragged into the darkness, all I see is rage and bloodshed. I’ll make them pay. Every single one of them who thought they could steal her away, take her from me. She’s everything. And once I have her back, I’ll make sure I never let go. She’s light and goodness. Maybe she’s too good for me, but maybe she’s

Eternally Mine

Title: Eternally Mine Series: Royal Bastards MC: Tonopah, NV #9 Author: Nikki Landis Genre: MC Romance Release Date: February 15, 2022 BLURB I made a promise. When my best friend died, I swore to protect his younger sister. Laramie was off-limits. She wasn't mine, and she never would be. It didn't matter what I wanted because I couldn't touch her. When she's attacked and almost kidnapped, I swear to keep her safe. When she's thrust into the club's war against the Scorpions, I beg her to follow orders. When she presses her lips to mine, I fight to remain in control. And when I look into her eyes, I know I'll protect her with every breath in my body. I never expected to fall in love. And now the monster who murdered her brother in cold blood is back to finish the job. He wants Laramie, but he won't take her from me. What we have is eternal. I'll take that to the grave. I'm a prospect for the Royal Bastards, and this MC has a deadly secr

Until Dawn

Title: Until Dawn A Happily Ever Alpha World  Novel Author: Gwendolyn Grace Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: February 11, 2022 BLURB "I'm your new account manager, Ms. York—so you belong to me." He grinned, the cutest dimple showing up on his left cheek. "I bet you think all women belong to you?" "Only the ones who want to." A declined credit card. A banker who believed he was a gift to all women. A deeply rooted plan to destroy my reputation. Max Renshaw's job was to investigate the suspicious activity on my account, but after my apartment was ransacked and I received creepy calls from an unknown number, Max's protection extended well past banker's hours. When the taunts persist, Max and I are forced to confront people I'd hoped never to see again. When the truth is uncovered, will Max see me for the woman I've become and not the messy girl I used to be? Until Dawn is part of

Trojan Crown

Title: Trojan Crown Series: Crown Brothers #2 Author: Eleanor Aldrick Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: February 1, 2022 BLURB Anaya . That’s her name. The young temptress that’s come to test my will. No matter how hard I try, her every seductive move breaks me, turning me into a monster who won’t settle until he’s had a taste. She’s the nanny. The last woman on this earth I should be looking at, let alone desire. And to make matters worse, I only have myself to blame. I’m the reason my wife is gone. That same reason that left me wandering aimlessly in the desert, trying to find a way back to my kids. After fighting death itself, I make my way home, only to be served the cruelest redemption life has to offer. Anaya . A bitter chuckle falls from my lips because the irony is just too good. Her name, it means God's answer. But in truth, she's His torture, sent to end me once and for all. Trojan Crown is a single dad age gap trope where Austin finds himself tempt